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Marion County is blessed with a wide variety of industry. From the large nationally acclaimed companies to small family-owned industries, jobs are provided to our citizens and valuable products manufactured and sold in markets all over the United States and abroad. Lodge Manufacturing is the oldest and one of the largest manufacturers in Marion County. Founded in 1896 by Joseph Lodge, Lodge is one of America’s oldest cookware companies in continuous operation.

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Several industries have located themselves in our county.   Cardin Forest Products boasts a state-of-the-art saw mill.  Colonial Chemical, Jasper Materials, Ply Gem, Primex, Prologue, Shaw Floors, Tennessee Galvanizing, US Stove, Valmont and West Rock have all been successful in this area.  In Marion County, these companies found a stable workforce and convenient access by rail, river and road.  Sequatchie Concrete, founded in 1953 supplies the Southeast with block, ready-mix concrete, retaining walls and more.  Marion County is a perfect match for your industry.

The Marion County Partnership for Economic Development is an organization of local business leaders who work to provide stimulus and grow economic and employment opportunities in Marion County, including but not limited to manufacturing industries.  

Chattanooga State - Kimball Campus

The Chattanooga State Kimball site is located in Marion County and plays an important part in local workforce development endeavors, including the recent addition of an Industrial Maintenance Technician program. The master plan for the Chattanooga State Campus calls for seven buildings to be built over time. Having a Chattanooga State Campus in Marin County is a significant benefit for students that want a higher education. Several of the advantages are not driving to Chattanooga daily, fuel cost savings, wear and tear on a vehicle, knowing most of the students that you are attending classes with and seeing the same staff and faculty each day. Having this campus in Marion County positions us to create a skilled pool of new employees for the businesses and industry located in Marion County. This is a facility that a lot of counties across Tennessee would love to have and this is something that we all should be proud of.

Technology Building - Our new vocational building at our Chattanooga State campus in Kimball has been completed. The Chattanooga State folks are currently installing new welding equipment, computer labs and new furniture. We hope to have an open house in late October so citizens can come by and see what we have to offer high school graduates. We are excited about our new building and the opportunity this will give students to learn a trade and increase our skilled labor pool for local industries. By showing businesses that their employees can be trained here at Marion County, we feel that this will provide us with an edge in recruiting new industry to the county. We will announce our open house within the next few weeks, and we invite you to come out see the building for yourself.

Photo by Chattanooga Times Free Press

Photo by Chattanooga Times Free Press

Lodge Manufacturing constructs biggest building in Marion County

NEW HOPE, TENN. — Construction crews are erecting the biggest building ever built in Marion County — and one with one of the flattest floors in America.

The 212,000-square-foot distribution center is being built for Lodge Manufacturing Co., which plans to consolidate its four other warehouse facilities into the new complex by May. The new distribution center will store thousands of Lodge cast iron skillets, dutch ovens and other cookware before they are shipped to customers around the globe.

The $9 million complex, which is being built by Morgan Construction Co., is designed to include a super flat floor to allow distribution workers to use wire-guided lift trucks to store and retrieve inventory stacked on shelves in the 50-foot-high complex. To allow the fork lift operators to lift tons of cast iron cookware on to upper shelves along the 33 aisles that span the massive new complex, the concrete floor in the building was laid over the past two weeks with a variance of less than .0015 of an inch across a building that spans the size of nearly four football fields.

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