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The Marion County Election commission is responsible for registering a person to vote; replace lost registration cards, and the transfer or change of registrations. It is the mission of the MCEC to provide federal, state, and local election products to eligible citizens of Marion County so they have equal access to the election process and can exercise their right to vote.  The MCEC also qualifies a person to run for election to an office, and is responsible for purging or removing a person from the permanent registration records.

For more information, please visit their website at:

You may register to vote online at:

Marion County Administrator of Elections, Kyra Inglis - 423 942 2108

Marion County Assessor of Property

The Marion County Assessor of Property office can help you with questions regarding property valuations and assessment, property address updates, GIS mapping for taxation purposes.  The Assessor's office is responsible for setting the appraised value for each parcel of land and any improvements on the land.

Marion County Assessor of Property, Steve Lamb - 423 942 3494

Marion County Building Inspector & Marion County Planning and Development Office

The Building Inspector's Office issues all types of building permits such as residential, mechanical, plumbing and mobile homes.  He also performs Footing, Foundation, Framing, and Final Building Inspections.  The Building Inspector is also the Flood Administrator for unincorporated Marion County.

The Planning and Development Office is also located here.  It covers subdivisions of property, plat submissions, Marion County Regional Planning Commission Agenda's and Meeting Minutes, Subdivision Regulations, and coordination of Final Plat recording.

Marion County Building Inspector, Gabe Yeargan - 423 942 8019

Marion County Planning and Development Office, Diana Chance - 423 942 3527

Marion County Circuit Court Clerk

General Sessions and Circuit Courts are responsible for Tennessee Highway Patrol citations, county citations, misdemeanor and felony criminal charges, and all paperwork and cost associated with each case.  Civil accounts are managed in both courts.  General Sessions administers recovery warrants, detainers, debit, writs and garnishments, order of protection and judicial committals.  Circuit Court administers divorces, child support, adoptions, worker's compensation, damages auto and non-auto, foreign judgement, breach of contract, wrongful death, malpractice, condemnation, contempt, name change, minor settlements, forfeitures, hospital liens, legitimation and appeals to the court of appeals.  Circuit court is also responsible for managing jurors for Grand Jury and jury trials.

Marion County Circuit Court Clerk, Lonna Henderson - 423 942 2134

Marion County Clerk

Registration of new vehicles, collecting all taxes; Renewals; Duplicate titles; Placards; Business license; Registration of boats, collecting all taxes; Manufactured Home permits; Beer applications; Beer taxes; Marriages and certified marriage copies; Notary certification and notary renewals; Organ Donor collections; Record Dealer license; Collect Juvenile fines and restitution; Monitor Trust funds; Record the County Commission meeting minutes.

The Marion County Clerk's office has applications for premarital pre-course, Beer, New Business, Notary, disability plates/placards, and personalized plates.

This office provides online service for Renewals at

Our methods of payment are cash, check, and credit or debit card.  Please be aware there is a fee charged by the payment clearing house for processing card payments which is a 2% fee of your total payment.

Marion County Clerk, Dwight Minter - 423 942 2515

Marion County Clerk and Master

The Chancery Court handles cases involving domestic relations, worker's compensation, estates, trusts, contracts, collect delinquent taxes, guardianships, and conservatorships, dissolution of partnerships and corporations, enforcement of liens, boundary lines, breach of contract, fraud, election contests and other matters of a civil nature.  The Clerk and Master handles the paperwork and fees associated with this court, and is sometimes called upon to act as a Chancellor to the court.

Marion Clerk and Master, Levoy Gudger - 423 942 2601

Marion County Register of Deeds

  • Real Estate Deeds

  • Military Discharges

  • Powers of Attorney (pertaining to real estate)

  • Public lookup stations available in this office for document research

  • Internet document retrieval service available through

The Register of Deeds office is the established custodian and land library for all real estate transactions within Marion County.  These documents include Warranty Deeds, Deeds of Trust (Mortgages), Powers of Attorney, Plats and other miscellaneous documents designated by state law to be recorded.  Please note that this office does not create any legal documents or perform certified title searches.  Our goal is to serve the citizens and protect these vital records.

Marion County Register of Deeds, Debbie Pittman - 423 942 2573

Marion County Road Superintendent

The Marion County Highway Department is committed to the maintenance of county roads, right of ways, and bridges that are deemed part of the county road system, as approved by the County Commission. 

Marion County Road Superintendent, Jim Hawk - 423 942 2581

This office is closed on Friday


The Marion County Soil Conservation District works with landowners to help reduce soil erosion, protect water quality, improve grazing land and wildlife habitat.  This office provides information on installing and implementing such conservation practices as pasture and hay land seeding, composting and litter storage facilities, fencing cattle out of rivers and streams and providing alternative watering systems.

For additional information visit their website at

District Conservationist, Devon Cunningham - 423 942 2244  or

Office Manager, Debbie Smith - 423 942 2244 or

Marion County Trustee

The Trustee's office acts as a treasurer for the county and serves two primary functions:  1) collecting all county property taxes; and 2) keeping a regular accounting of all money received.

Property Tax Payment Options:  1) In the Trustee's office; 2)  by mail; 3) online at  From this site, you can also check to see if your mortgage company has paid your property taxes and find other helpful property tax information.

Property Tax Methods of Payment:  1) Cash; 2) check; 3) credit or debit card.  If using a credit or debit card, please be aware there is a fee charged by the payment clearing house for processing card payments which is 2.75% of the total amount you owe.

Property Tax Relief: The Trustee administers a state funded program for qualifying citizens who are 1) 65 years of age or older; 2) 100% disabled or 3) 100% disabled veteran (service connected).  Applications for tax relief must be filled out in the Trustees office.

Marion County Trustee, Diane Massengale - 423 942 2681